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                                                                  Phd Student Yongmin Zhang received IEEE PIMRC 2012 Best Paper Award

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                                                                  The 2011 IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (IEEE PIMRC 2012) was held in Sydney, Sept.9-12, 2012, which is sponsored by IEEE Communications Society. IEEE PIMRC is one of the premier conferences in the wireless research arena and has a long history of bringing together academia, industry and regulatory bodies. Today, it has become one of IEEE Communication Society's flagship conferences in telecommunications. Ph.D student in our Department, Yongmin Zhang under supervised by Prof. Jiming Chen and Prof. Youxian Sun, received the PIMRC 2012 Best Paper Award. The title of paper is Distributed Adaptive Sampling by Rechargeable Sensor Nodes with Limited Battery Capacity. IEEE PIMRC 2012 total received around 1200 submissions, and finally has 447 accepted paper, only 2 of them award best papers.

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