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                          Open Faculty Positions in Industrial Automation Zhejiang University, P.R. China
                          時間:2015-12-29 來源:組織人事辦 編輯:zzrs 訪問次數:6347
                          The College of Control Science and Engineering (CSE) of Zhejiang University is seeking outstanding candidates and accepting applications for multiple tenure-track faculty positions at all levels in the broad area of Industrial Automation and Control Engineering.
                          Zhejiang University is a national public institution of China that was founded in 1897. The University is continuously ranked top three among all Chinese universities in various national rankings. According to the U.S. News & World Reports 2015, the University was ranked #106 overall in the Best Global Universities rankings and #4 in the Best Global Universities for Engineering rankings.
                          CSE operates prestigious national funded labs in the area of automation, such as the State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology, the National Engineering Research Center for Industrial Automation. Aligned with the strength and expertise of the CSE, areas of prior interests include but not limited to, cyber physical systems (especially cyber security), robotics, experimental fluid mechanics, quantum information, Terahertz technology, nano-scale engineering, and etc.
                          Ideal candidates must have earned a PhD by the appointment in related fields of engineering and experimental physical sciences. Candidates should provide curriculum vitae that include: 1) cover letter, 2) curriculum vitae with a list of four references, and 3) three representative publications in PDF.

                          All applications should be submitted to Xiaoye Zhu at zhuxiaoye@zju.edu.cn. Review of applications will begin upon receipt and will continue until the position is filled.