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                                                                  浙江工業大學陳偉鋒教授學術報告:Simultaneous Approach for Kinetic Parameter Estimation Based on Spectroscopic Measurements
                                                                  時間:2016-07-08 來源:綜合辦 編輯:zhbgs 訪問次數:619

                                                                  題目:Simultaneous Approach for Kinetic Parameter Estimation Based on Spectroscopic Measurements 

                                                                  報告人:陳偉鋒 副教授

                                                                       浙江工業大學 信息工程學院自動化系


                                                                  時間: 2016年7月9日  上午 9:00-10:30

                                                                  地點:  钱柜游戏玉泉校區工控新樓105會議室



                                                                  Parameter estimation of reaction kinetics from spectroscopic data remains an important and challenging problem. This study describes a unified framework to address this challenge. The presented framework is based on maximum likelihood principles, non-linear optimization techniques and the use of collocation methods to solve the differential equations involved. To solve the overall parameter estimation problem, an iterative optimization-based procedure is developed firstly to estimate the variances of the noise in system variables (e.g. concentrations) and spectral measurements. Once these variances are estimated, then the concentration profiles and kinetic parameters are determined simultaneously. From the properties of the nonlinear programming (NLP) solver and solution sensitivity, the covariance matrix and standard deviations for the estimated kinetic parameters are also obtained. The proposed approach is demonstrated on some case studies. Moreover, the numerical results compare well with the MCR-ALS approach.



                                                                  陳偉鋒於2011年獲钱柜游戏控制科學與工程學博士學位,現爲浙江工業大學信息工程學院自動化系副教授、碩導 ,主要從事複雜系統優 化、控制及動態優化理論與方法研究,承擔國家自然科學基金等項目3項,發表論文20餘篇 ,授權發明專利4項。