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                                                          控制系學術報告:Analysis and Simulation of Embedded Control Performance using Jitterbug and True-Time
                                                          時間:2013-11-01 來源:綜合辦 編輯:zhbgs 訪問次數:875

                                                          題目:Analysis and Simulation of Embedded Control Performance using Jitterbug and True-Time
                                                          報告人:Karl-Erik Arzen
                                                          地點:CSC 223
                                                          摘要:In design of resource-constrained embedded and networked control systems and cyber-physical systems, it is necessary to be able to evaluate how the temporal non-determinism caused by the sharing of CPU and communication bandwidth effect control performance. In this presentation two tools are presented that allows for this. Jitterbug is a Matlab toolbox for analytical statistical evaluation of how latencies and jitter in a control loop effects control performance evaluated by a quadratic cost function. In Jitterbug it assumed that the latency distributions are known. If that is not the case or more general performance metrics are needed then the TrueTime toolbox can be used. True-Time supports co-simulation of the temporal effects caused by real-time kernels and networks together with the continuous-time dynamics of the physical system under control. In Truetime discrete-event models of kernels and networks are embedded within Simulink through the use of S-functions. Within the kernels controller code is modeled by tasks and/or interrupt handlers written in C/C++ code or .m functions. During the talk demonstrations of both Jitterbug and True-Time will be given.
                                                          報告人簡介:Professor Arzen is from Automatic Control, Lund University. He is professor and director of studies and his research field is embedded control and control of computer systems.