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                                                                                  學術報告:Packetized Direct Load Control Approach with Complete/Binary Information Setting in Demand Side Management
                                                                                  時間:2013-12-19 來源:科研辦 編輯:kxyj 訪問次數:1214

                                                                                  Title:Packetized Direct Load Control Approach with Complete/Binary Information Setting in Demand Side Management

                                                                                  Speaker:Zhang Bowen 
                                                                                  College of Engineering, Boston University


                                                                                  Demand side management is of great interest in the field of smart grid. In this talk,we propose a novel energy distribution protocol with the idea of electric packetthat is inspired by the success of packet switch in communication networks. We considerthe new distribution protocol when the building operator has different level ofinformation from local appliances. When binary information regarding the request orwithdrawal of electric packets presents, we show that we can control the appliancesarrival rate by designing the duration of electric packet. Energy distribution with electricpacket guarantees a fairness energy delivery when limited amount of electricity isprovided to a large group of appliances. When short duration of packet is provided,each appliance waits for a short duration to get packet authorization and the expectedwaiting time to get the desired number of packet remains the same. When continuousinformation regarding the appliances states are available to the operator, we show thatthe building operator can determine the average consumption with the aggregated informationfrom local appliances. In addition, energy distribution with electric packetis able to reduce the random aggregation of load and smooth the consumption to haveminimum variance. Comparison between the effectiveness and performance of the two protocolsare given. Simulation is provided to verify numerous theoretical results.